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Brick Bronsky:

Tom Taylor, who played Brian Worth in ‘Masked Mutilator’, approached me to oversee and direct a ‘Demo Reel’ showcasing his Martial Arts skills. Upon completion he said he could approach Dale Schneck, the Writer and Exec. Producer of ‘Masked Mutilator’, to bring his Screenplay to the Big Screen, with me Directing the Feature. 

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What characters will be showcased in your ‘Mad Monster Party, remake motion picture?

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How does it feel to be celebrating Evolving Pictures’ 20 year anniversary?

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How does ‘Masked Mutilator’ relate to your ‘Spin Cycle’ motion picture?

The "Sadako and the Magic of Paper Cranes" Motion Picture will inspire millions to hope for lasting Peace in the World.

Evolving Pictures Entertainment is indeed honored to be responsible for a project with such high artistic merit and potential for critical acclaim.

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How did you end up being the Producer, Director, as well as acting in the 2019 release,

‘Masked Mutilator’?

Brick Bronsky:

World Cage-Fighting Championships was formed in 2009 by Doug Flex, Jeff Sibbach, and Duke Valenti, after Flex and Sibbach had previously successfully promoted Pro Wresting events, over the course of, at that time, the past 15 plus years.

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What’s your relationship with the “Necroscope” book series author, Brian Lumley?

Brick Bronsky:

We at Evolving Pictures believe that

‘Necroscope’ could very well be

the next big thing for movie theatres

Prepare to be Scared!

Because the Necroscope Book Series has spawned

Audio Books, E-books, Comic Books, replete with a

Role-Playing Game, Evolving Pictures has always believed that with the plethora of rich material and story lines, both a Movie Franchise and Successful Television series would be inevitable.​ 

The Company intends to shoot additional modern footage with Scotty directing Howie Mandel in the new version, to be released as a brand new Feature Film utilizing this ‘found footage’.

Our EPE Team Partners have always,

and will continue to individually and/or collectively work on numerous Film and Television Projects, Emerging Technologies, and Various Entertainment Intellectual Properties.

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Is the 3-time Academy award winner Malcolm Clarke writing your

‘Sadako and the Magic of Paper Cranes’ motion picture?

Brick Bronsky:

Arthur Rankin, Jr., was a close and dear friend

to everyone here at Evolving Pictures, may he

Rest in Peace, and not only did he create the

'Mad Monster Party' Feature Presentation, but he also directed the Original Classic.

Brick Bronsky:


Special Thanks should be given to

Mr. Lumley, as Evolving Pictures was introduced to the ‘Necroscope’ book series author Mr. Brian Lumley originally in 2004. His book reviews have been critically acclaimed world-wide. 

My business partner, Jean Pierre Pereat actually flew to meet Mr. Lumley in Arizona at a Comicon type event where Brian was the Guest Speaker and Star.

We've enjoyed a very symbiotic business relationship ever since.

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Why is it important for Evolving Pictures to present the Sadako Sasaki story to the world?

Brick Bronsky:

Our producing partner on ‘Mad Monster Party’ is Jack Gilardi, Jr.  

He is the son of Annette Funicello and Jack Gilardi, Sr., may they both Rest In Peace.  

Brick Bronsky:


Our EPE Team Partners​ are dedicated to maximizing the implementation of strategic financial objectives, designed to increase profitability, creating a diverse portfolio of

assets and corporate alliances, through accelerated market expansion and globalization, as an emerging Global Multimedia

and Entertainment Conglomerate.

Brick Bronsky:


Please feel free to

Contact Evolving Pictures,

and take some time to Google Us.

Most importantly, remember

Evolving Pictures’ Success Strategies

and May God Bless.

Brick Bronsky:

With the ever-present danger of nuclear proliferation and possible annihilation of all mankind, we at Evolving Pictures feel it is imperative to at least attempt to convey a message to audiences of all ages, alerting them to this purveying threat.                                                                          

The late Mr. Gilardi negotiated the Contract for Evolving Pictures with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation to Produce the Franchise.  International Creative Management, usually called ICM, represents the ‘Mad Monster Party’ Franchise Property.

Brick Bronsky:

The original Classic ‘Mad Monster Party’ graced  the audiences with of all of the Classic Hollywood Monsters, including FrankensteinDracula

the Werewolf, Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde,

the Mummy, Invisible Man, et al, and are expectected to appear in the ‘Mad Monster Party’ remake motion picture Franchise. 

Today’s A-list actors are diligently working with their agents to secure a role in this history making feature film. The ‘Mad Monster Party’ remake will showcase extraordinary Live-Action combined with the latest state-of-the-art CGI graphics.

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The word around town is that Disney is thrilled about picking up your ‘Mad Monster Party’ remake motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox. Would you agree with Disney’s position that the highly anticipated ‘Mad Monster Party’ remake motion picture has the potential to exceed Disney’s ‘Avenger’s: End Games’

as the world’s Highest Grossing Feature Film of All-time?

Brick Bronsky:

I agree 100%.

We at Evolving Pictures are pleased that,

with all the acquired Intellectual Properties

from 20th Century Fox Film Corporation that were subject to further scrutiny of advancement by Disney Management,  ‘Mad Monster Party’

was clearly fit, for the Disney Brand,

as a Franchise Blockbuster.

Brick Bronsky:

‘Masked Mutilator’ has procured for me,

the international exposure of being an accomplished/published Producer and/Director; it has furthered the Company’s idea of duplicating the methodical success of ‘Masked Mutilator’, with ‘Spin Cycle’. The original film was never released; Evolving Pictures owns this Property in its entirety. Directed by Scott Marshall who is the son of the late Garry Marshall, this show stars Howie Mandel, Jeff Fahey, Sarah Chalke, and Esai Morales.

Jeffrey 'Brick Bronsky' Beltzner,
working in the Executive Producer capacity exclusively for Evolving Pictures since its inception, has successfully overseen the financing, of the development, expansion, and fruition of the Company on practically all of its endeavors, including but not limited to,

the major motion picture franchises:

‘Mad Monster Party’, ‘Sadako; The Magic of Paper Cranes’, and the ‘Necroscope’ book series.

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Did Arthur Rankin create the original 'Mad Monster Party' motion picture?

Brick Bronsky:


As we approach Evolving Pictures’

20 year anniversary, everybody is Proud to have garnered a rich history, after a long and arduous journey, to ultimately reach this Monumental Milestone.

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We would like to thank-you Mr. Beltzner for your time and wish you and

Evolving Pictures your much- deserved success.

                 Shooting The Breeze with

          ​ Jeffrey 'Brick Bronsky' Beltzner

Brick Bronsky:

To my understanding, Ben Stiller is extremely excited to be involved with the ‘Mad Monster Party’ Franchse.  Our 20th Century Fox Executive on the project was President of Ben Stiller’s Company

and the man responsible for the hugely successful  ensemble cast movie titled ‘Tropic Thunder’ starring Ben, Jack Black, and Robert Downey, Jr.

It appeared apparent to Evolving Pictures that this was a natural fit.

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Is it true that Ben Stiller is one of the Producers and is also playing one of the Characters

on the ‘Mad Monster Party’ remake motion picture that Evolving Pictures is creating with Disney?

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What was Jack Gilardi Sr.’s involvement in your ‘Mad Monster Party’ remake motion picture?

Brick Bronsky:

The 3-time Oscar Award winner Malcolm Clarke has written the Screenplay ‘Sadako and the Magic of Paper Cranes’ based on two true stories.  Peter E. Jackson is set to produce.

Clifton Truman Davis, the Grandson of President Harry S. Truman and Masahiro Sasaki,

the brother of Sadako Sasaki, will be given Special Thanks, for their Humanitarian Contributions.

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How did the World Cage-fighting Championships begin?

In addition to 'Mad Monster Party', Mr. Rankin is also the creator of numerous other Classics, including 'Frosty the Snowman', 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer', 'Santa Clause is Coming to Town', 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail', and more.

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Did you always believe that Evolving Pictures would gradually

emerge as a Global Multimedia and Entertainment Conglomerate?

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A lot of people around the world are eager to see what’s in the works for your

‘Necroscope’ motion picture. What are your expectations for the ‘Necroscope’ feature film?