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Glenn Hetrick: Producer, Writer, ‘Neceroscope’ Motion Picture,                 (a childhood friend of Jeffrey ‘Brick Bronsky’ Beltzner),                            owner of Alchemy Studios, introduced Mr. Lumley and the Necroscope Book series to Evolving Pictures Entertainment.

As the CEO of Alchemy Studios, he personally supervises every effect for his studio's many projects including hundreds of forensically accurate make-ups and corpses for Crossing Jordan, Hugh Jackman's body replicas for The Prestige, all of the make-up illusions and prosthetics that propelled Heroes and CSI:NY, and the surreal effects in Sony's Legion. He constantly continues working as both FX Artist and performer. His resume includes special effects for The Event, custom wardrobe and instruments for Lady Gaga, prosthetic effects and props for Disney's Journey 2: Mysterious Island, Lionsgate's Hunger Games 1, 2, 3 and 4, The Dictator, The Host,   Mad Men and a myriad of other projects. Alchemy is currently creating the "Inhumans" characters for MARVEL on Agents of SH.I.E.L.D. and all of the hyper realistic effects for Steven Spielberg's Extant. Simultaneous to his work as an FX Artist, he continues his development work as Producer on both NECROSCOPE and his own Television series based on the EC Comics franchise Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror. Marrying his passions for performance and FX,  he starred in all 11 Seasons of the Syfy Hit Face-Off! Future plans include franchising his own brand of Live Horror Entertainment in the form of Escape Games and an immersive Cinematic Inspired Haunt Experience for Halloween.

Mr. Hetrick announced on the SyFy Channel’s hit make-up special effects show, Face Off, that the 'Necroscope' Motion Picture is his next big project.