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Our EPE Team Partners are utilizing 18 years of experience to set the stage in educating interested investors, money managers, financial advisers, hedge fund managers, and private equity groups on why investing in a Multimedia and Technology Business is really an investment into a Manufacturing and Distribution Company. Internet Technologies and Media Entertainment are the number one exports of the United States, have a proven track record, and can offer potential investors in the United States and globally a 100% transparent and risk minimized option where there is no guessing. There aren’t many alternative investments that can offer tax incentives, multiple exit strategies, as well as giving back to the local economy, while also being involved with the Technology, Multimedia and Entertainment industries.

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The next big thing for movie theaters is EPE4DX.. Our EPE Team Partners are on the Leading-edge of State-of-the-Art Creature Design and 3D Digital Computer Graphics.. Necroscope 4D is anticipated to be one of the world's first globally distributed 4D motion pictures.. Our EPE Team Partners have worked individually and/or collectively on the following Projects.. Epemovies: Avatar - Planet of the Apes - Star Trek into Darkness - Noah - Men in Black - Minority Report - Superman Returns - Watchmen - Tron Legacy – Just Wright – Fantastic Four – Green Lantern – Prometheus – Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties - Paranha 3D – Cloverfield – Oblivion – FaceOff – Star Trek Discovery – Crossing Jordan – Three Rivers – Punkinhead: Blood Fued – Mad Men’s: Last Call – Legion – King of Ants – Leaque of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis – Blade 2 – The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Heroes – CSI: New York – Angel – Command Performance – Babylon 5 – The Chronicles of Riddick – Machete – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Run - Bernie – Mystery, Alaska – Resurrection – Her Husband’s Betrayal – The Christmas Consultant – Wicked Little Things – Direct Contact – Detention – Running the Sahara – The Russian Specialist – Gideon – Spin Cycle - Desperate Housewives – Cybill – Thunder Alley – Valentine’s Day – The Lady in Number 6 – Voices from a Locked Room – Keeping up with the Steins – Prisoner of Paradise – The Princess Diaries – Blonde Ambition – Chasen Holden – The Oddest Couple Ever – Duece Bigolow: Male Gigolo – The Quest – Return to Nuke’Em High – Without a Paddl

Evolving Pictures Entertainment has

Motion Pictures, Television Projects, Internet Communications, Sports Entertainment, and numerous other Commercial Entities currently in various stages of Development and Production.

Because of Evolving Pictures Entertainment’s innovative technologies, potential for rapid growth, well-developed business model, impressive management team, and diversification, we are honored to be in a position to reward and celebrate our family and close friends, and also welcome aboard a few non-affiliated, savvy individuals that share our vision.

Evolving Pictures Entertainment has a very privileged and sophisticated way of financially participating in an array of Intellectual Properties, and Commercial Entities, which unlike stocks, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, hedge funds, oil & gas investment,  or other correlated assets, can in certain instances provide a 50-200% ROI prior to generating revenues,  that has full transparency, and has zero quantitative, exotic, or other confusing financial models..