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    Webvvision VR: The Future of Virtual Reality


EPE Partners knows that Mobile gaming makes up about 45% of the total market share of the gaming industry with almost one-third of the entire global population having played a gaming app in 2019. Why is mobile gaming so popular? It’s easily accessible and has games for every type of gamer. Instead of having to strap on a headset or pop a disc into a console, mobile gaming allows us to play wherever we go and whenever we want. It’s recently taken over television as the preferred choice of leisure activity with people spending more than 6.5 hours per week on mobile games. The mobile gaming industry is poised for continual growth as investments in mobile gaming startups have skyrocketed, and creativity opens up avenues for more gamers to enjoy different types of exciting games.

EPE Partners is on the Cutting-Edge of Virtual reality.    EPE Partners is working hard on improving the quality of the virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are meant to put you right in the middle of the action. Instead of playing from a third person point-of-view, VR drops people into computer-generated environments to make them feel like they’re actually part of the game. VR offers gamers the ability to step into magical worlds and do everything from kick around a soccer ball to fight off hordes of monsters.

​Augmented reality, on-the-other-hand, adds digital influences to real life. The best example of AR in gaming is “Pokemon Go.” Using a smartphone, Pokemon seekers are able to find and capture virtual Pokemon throughout their everyday lives in the real world. Gamers might come across a Pikachu in the park or even find a Wartorle on their walk to work.

Whether our reality is augmented or virtual, it’s clear to see that Webvvision Technology is on the Leading-Edge of a completely new way to participate in, and enjoy, video games.