Nobody could imagine what the gaming industry would blossom into when they were messing around with Pong joysticks in their basements and competing against their friends for the highest Pac-Man scores in the 1970s and ‘80s. These simple games would turn out to be the bedrock of today’s gaming industry and instant cultural phenomena. The gaming industry of today is a $200 billion behemoth that is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment. Not only do we have the continuous advent of new consoles, PCs and devices that are putting us right into the game, but we also have the opportunity to watch some of the best gamers in the world compete in the e-sports arena and online through streaming platforms.

EPE Partners understands that cloud gaming is the newest type of video game technology making headlines. You scroll through a library of games, choose which game you want and automatically start playing the game. No discs and no load times. Play on your phone, tablet or console. Cloud-based gaming platforms like Webvvision are making the whole gaming experience seamless and easy to play from anywhere at any time.

EPE Partners is aware that the gaming industry is arguably one of the most important and innovative sectors in tech today. Its importance to culture, social networking and entertainment cannot be understated. The term “entertainment industry” is no longer reserved for Hollywood and the movie industry because gaming is now providing one of the most immersive and awe-inspiring forms of entertainment to more than two billion people around the globe.


Webvvision is pushing the absolute boundaries of technology by offering gamers state-of-the-art graphics, speeds and processing powers. Additionally, PC gaming has opened up a world of opportunities for gamers who are looking for extra ease-of-use and dexterity when casually playing (or competing) their favorite games.



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