Glenn Hetrick: found his first foothold in Hollywood at Optic Nerve Studios as        a designer, fabricator, sculptor and painter on several seasons of Buffy, Angel, X-Files,Freaky Links,

Babylon​ 5 and Roswell, among others. Eventually, he began freelancing with several film studios. He served as sculptor, painter and fabricator on Feast and the Pumpkinhead sequels, worked with Ve Neil and Joel Harlowe on Pitch Black, 

Chronicles of Riddick and contributed

to Steve Johnson's XFX on Blade 2,

and supervised the research and development on Spider-Man 3.

Neville Page has worked with such luminaries as Ridley Scott on Prometheus, James Cameron on Avatar, J.J. Abrams on 

Star Trek, The Untitled Star Trek SequelSuper 8, Cloverfield and The Amazing Spider-Man. Other recent film projects include GreenLanternTRON: Legacy, and for television, Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova and Falling Skies. Other feature credits include Minority ReportPlanet of the Apes, X-Men 2 & 3The LionThe Witch & The WardrobeSuperman ReturnsPiranha 3D, Zach Snyder’s The Watchmen, and Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk.  


                   Evolving Pictures' Highly Anticipated Feature Presentations 'Necroscope' and 'Mad Monster Party' remake                                      both have the potential to exceed 'Avengers: Endgames' as the Highest Grossing Motion Picture of All-time.    


Glenn has personally supervised and designed every effect for hundreds of forensically accurate make-ups and corpses for Crossing Jordan, Hugh Jackman's head and body replicas for The Prestige, all of the make-up illusions and prosthetics that propel Heroes and CSI: NY, the surreal effects in Sony's Legion, custom wardrobe and instruments for Lady Gaga and a myriad of other projects. He continues to sculpt and paint on many of the effects and often applies the make-ups himself.

Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page were Judges on 11 seasons of Face Off, an American reality television game show program on the Syfy cable network channel in which a group of prosthetic makeup artists compete against each other to create prostheses such as those found in science fiction and horror films. Glenn Hetrick announced on the season finale of

“FaceOff”, that his next major project is Necroscope”.

Welcome to Evolving Pictures Entertainment

Glenn Hetrick, (a childhood friend of Jeffrey 'Brick Bronsky' Beltzner), owner of 'Alchemy Studios', Special Effects Studio, introduced Mr. Lumley and the Necroscope® Book series to Evolving Pictures Entertainment. Glenn Hetrick received acting credits for his role in the 2019 release of 'Masked Mutilator', Produced and Directed by Jeffrey Beltzner.

Glenn Hetrick partnered with his longtime friend and collaborator Neville Page in the renaming and expansion of Alchemy Studios.

​Glenn Hetrick has played a key role in the development and advancement of the 'Necroscope' project, and is in a  position for First look negotiations regarding Glenn Hetrick/Alchemy Studios overseeing special effects of the Demon throughout the run of production.​ 

Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page are considered by many to be the very best when it comes to Advance Creature Design and 3D Digital Computer Graphics.​