​He also first assistant directed many commercials and promos for such companies as Comedy Central. His credits include Drew Carey's "Green Screen Show", The David Spade "Show of Shows" and "Mind of Mencia". He progressed to 2nd unit director with Sarah Silverman's new movie "Jesus is Magic". After surveying the landscape, Scott moved onto directing. His television credits as a director include regional commercials for Adelphia, Comcast, as well as a national anti-smoking campaign for The American Legacy Foundation. Scott's multi-faceted talents came through in the short-film "Where's Angelo", starring Robert Forster, Michael Madsen and Beverly D' Angelo. It premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and the Santa Barbara and Del Ray Beach Film Festivals. 

Scott Dorel, Director ‘Where’s Angelo?”,

a New York native, apprenticed with the legendary Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. Looking to broaden his skills, Scott moved to London, auditioned for LAMDA, and was accepted to the one-year postgraduate program. He performed at the Mac Owen Theatre in London starring in such distinguished productions as "The Merchant of Venice" and the "The Duchess of Malfi." His most recent credits as an actor include: "Gideon" starring Charlton Heston and Christopher Lambert, "Luxury of Love" starring Luke Perry, "Where’s Angelo?" starring Robert Forster, Michael Madsen and Beverly D' Angelo, and "Land Of The Lost" with Will Ferrell. Deciding to further his directing skills, Scott took a job behind the camera as a first assistant director. He apprenticed under Merit Avis on such music videos as Audio Slave, Michelle Branch and Match Box.