Known as 'The Pelican', JP has spent forty years developing a relationship with the ocean, he has traveled all over the world surfing. 

“18 years ago, my life expanded when my nephew arrived on this planet with Autism”. 

For the last 15 years JP has been working with children with all varieties of sensory issues and disabilities. Four years ago, JP joined A WALK ON WATER.  "As an organization, we have touched and healed many lives and relationships just as these wonderful gifts have touched ours".   


​'Where's Angelo?' went on to ultimately garner an 'Official Selection' award at the prestigious Hollywood Film Festival. 

Jean Pierre Pereat: Executive Producer,  

was born in Hollywood, Caifornia, and always knowing since he was young, that he would be successful in the Multimedia and Entertainment industries, embarked on the path of his career, which spans over 20 years, beginning in acting and encompassing all aspects of the entertainment industry throughout, ultimately escalating into Film Financing/Executive Producing.

Mr. Pereat launched the Company, and immediately spear-headed the production of 'Where's Angelo?', starring Academy Award nominated Robert Forster, Michael Madsen, and Beverly D' Angelo. Directed by Harris Goldberg, Hollywood's A-list Talent. Evolving Pictures Entertainment produced this film, showcasing the Company's ability to attract Hollywood's

A-list Talent.