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Hybrid broadcast broadband TV, or HbbTV, is one recent innovation that will likely increase options for television subscribers. HbbTV is focused on synthesizing multiple broadcast technologies, including Internet, cable and satellite, into a single platform. This could increase the complexity of web applications offered to users through set top boxes while also delivering TV services. The first HbbTV system involving IPTV to be deployed anywhere is coming in Germany, thanks to television provider Eutelsat KabelKiosk.

Evolving Pictures Entertainment's Proprietary Protocols will enhance the future of IPTV.

Internet marketing behemoth Amazon is starting to get involved, and in typical fashion it looks like it has ambitions to completely change the way consumers experience and obtain digital content. An article published by Bloomberg News reports that the Internet retailer has been contacting American media companies to inquire about building an online pay-TV service similar to the Amazon Prime service for streaming video. Amazon would develop its own set top box for the system. Verizon and Sony Corp. have also announced their intention to offer Internet TV in America in the near future.

With these new companies in the mix, competition for television subscribers will likely heat up in the coming years. Companies currently offering web and television services could likely be enticed to open up their regional basis and begin competing for customers across the country. Telecom companies that develop their own IPTV services may be able to keep the complete price of their Internet and television bundle down, even though Internet-based streaming services like Netflix, Hulu+ and Amazon Prime already enjoy a great number of customers without providing Internet.

Evolving Pictures Entertainment realizes that subscriber content preferences are going to have much greater sway over the services provided to consumers in coming years. As we reported recently in our coverage of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Roku TVs will be offered on the global consumer market within the year, and will likely give users access to more than 1,000 channels with a Roku subscription. Because of the cost-effective nature of private video production and Internet transmission versus typical means of television broadcast, more content channels can be developed and support the rise of niche broadcasting.

Internet TV's Future