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Evolving Pictures Entertainment understands that television distribution channels are striking agreements with Internet television providers to bring their content to wider audiences globally. Recently, FOX International Channels announced that they would allow the distribution of their National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild and Voyage channels on Freebox TV, a French IPTV provider. This could likely continue until a single provider can allow access to thousands of channels through an Internet subscription.

Current State of Internet TV

IPTV and other Internet television technologies have been somewhat more available in recent years, but we’re quickly approaching a day where the way we experience television will be greatly altered. For instance, the Comcast Xfinity X1 system that is being offered on a trial basis to Western Pennsylvania customers connects with mobile apps so that a user can perform a voice search for a certain show. Subscribers can even use the app to search for a certain actor or genre to find offerings currently available on TV or through video-on-demand services. This service, which aims to replace Comcast’s AnyPlay service, allows subscribers to access television content through a tablet or smartphone in addition to television sets.

These television technologies are also becoming more accepted across the world, not just in the United States. IPTV networks are available in countries including Russia, Great Britain, Canada, France, Belgium, India, Germany, China, Sweden and even the Dominican Republic, according to this list of global IPTV providers from video data analytics firm Skytide. In Denmark, the Waoo! IPTV package brand from EnergiMidt, an electricity and cable company, was recently voted the top IPTV service in that nation.