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Necroscope – Book Review by Logan Christopher

Note from Josh: Necroscope is the beginning of a pretty long series. If you like the first one that Logan reviews here, I predict that you will enjoy the others as well.

I was at a wedding and ran into an old friend. My girlfriend asked about his tattoo of a zombie wolf on his arm. A discussion ensued and he told us about this fascinating series from which this tattoo was inspired. (It must be good, right? I mean how many people get tattoos of novel characters?)

We talked about the Necroscope series. A world in which vampires are leech like alien creatures that latch onto the host in the brain and turn them into powerful, supremely evil creatures. Certainly different than the standard vampire story.

Then a few weeks after that day I was pursuing through a used book store and noticed the books he was talking about right there. Surely this was a sign so I picked it up and dived right in.

A boy who can talk to the dead, who continue doing what they’ve done in life while they’re dead. That’s what a Necroscope is from which the book is titled.

The back setting is of psychic government spies with the Cold war raging on. So on the opposite side is a necromancer who eviscerates bodies to steal their secrets. And he received his abilities from one of the most evil villains of all times, a vampire buried in the ground named Thibor Ferenczy (he just sounds evil doesn‘t he?) This book has something from everyone.

The two sides grow in power until it culminates in an epic battle between good and evil. And yes the battle involves all of the above and more.

The book probably hasn’t won any awards but I found it thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are really well done, especially the bad guys. If you enjoy a sci-fi horror story then this one is something you should check out. And if you like the first one there are many more in the series.

About the author

Logan Christopher runs Legendary Strength. There you can find all manner of kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training to get stronger and healthier.

Necroscope Book Review