Brick Bronsky starred and guest appeared in, several theatrically released feature films for

New York based Troma, Inc. (including ‘Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D.’, and the ‘Class of Nuke ’Em High’ franchise), Mr. Beltzner garnered a wealth of knowledge in both international marketing, and the utilization of strategic demographics, in order to effectively cull through a myriad of intellectual property, and ultimately connect the most viable entertainment product, to the most commercially receptive audiences, thereby maximizing his fiduciary responsibility to the Company.

​An alumnus of Penn State University,      Jeff Beltzner has been active in the entertainment industry for now a quarter of a century. While becoming known as Brick Bronsky, both on stage and screen, from his early world-wide Professional Wrestling days, working for the premiere wrestling organizations internationally (including the late Stu Hart’s Canadian based) Stampede Wrestling, and Vince McMahan’s current publically traded company Titan Sports (World Wrestling Entertainment).


Jeffrey ‘Brick Bronsky’ Beltzner:

working in the Executive Producer capacity exclusively for Evolving Pictures since its inception, has successfully overseen the financing, of the development, expansion, and fruition of the Company on practically all of its endeavors, including but not
limited to, the major motion picture franchises: ‘Mad Monster Party’, ‘Sadako; The Magic of Paper Cranes’.