​​Patrons will be able to choose a showtime when they get to the venue. The first film to show is about sharks, though the title has not been announced yet.

"We will change them up over time, but they will all be about marine life," Broadbent said. Aquarium employees who have been able to preview the experience "said it is awesome," she said. "It will be a fun way to watch a movie."

A day pass is $20 for adults and $15 for kids.

The new aquarium will boast a staggering 5,000 animals -- up from 2,000 at the Draper location, which closed last fall so staff could begin the move to their new home.

March 25 is the public grand opening, and staff here say they are expecting the new aquarium to be at capacity every day for the first week, so they are encouraging anyone who wants tickets to act soon. More than half of capacity is being reserved for annual membership holders, who will also have access to a sneak peak over two days before March 25. A family membership is $150 a year


The much expanded Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is opening in its new Draper location next month, and while the hoopla around the opening has centered on penguins, sharks, and otters, there is another reason to pay close attention.

"All day passes will include a showing in our 4D theater," said aquarium spokeswoman Suzy Broadbent. "It is a 3D movie incorporated with wind, mist, scents, leg and back ticklers, seat vibration and movement. There are blowers on the back of the seat so you will feel the wind in your hair. I think it is going to be really popular because no one in Utah has ever seen that before."

Scented movies? Utah’s first 4D theater opening next month

Caleb Warnock - Daily Herald Feb 28, 2014