In June last year CJ 4DPLEX, the company behind 4DX announced its partnership with Nordisk Film Cinemas. Nordisk Film Cinemas is the leading cinema chain in Denmark and Norway with a total of 39 cinemas and approximately 10 million guests a year.

The agreement came on the heels of a successful run at Nordisk first 4DX theatre in Oslo, Ringen cinema. Ringen cinema opened in 2008, named in honor of an old cinema at Carl Berners Plass(1939-1988), and was the first cinema in Norway to be digitized. During full time screenings of eight Hollywood titles at Ringen since March 2017, the theatre experienced an overall occupancy rate of 72 percent.

The first Cinema in Scandinavia using 4DX theatre technology, featuring moving seats and environmental effects, was Ringen Cinema in Oslo, Norway. Now Nordisk Film Cinemas is expanding the system throughout Scandinavia..

4DX Theatre Technology Expanding in Scandinavia

January 26, 2018 4DX Theatre Technology Expanding in Scandinavia, written by Tor Kjolberg

“With many sellouts to date, our 4DX auditorium has become the main attraction in our Nordisk Ringen Theatre,” said Jannicke Haugen, CEO of Nordisk Film Kino. Nordisk Film Cinemas will bring nine additional 4DX immersive seating screens to Scandinavia by the end of 2021. A 4DX cinema will open in Århus, Denmark 22 March this year. Every year, Nordisk Film Cinemas welcomes between nine and ten million guests in its 42 cinemas, 21 of which are located in Denmark. All auditoriums are equipped with the best and most recent digital technology as it develops its existing cinemas and builds new ones. In cooperation with The Metropolitan Opera, Nordisk Film Cinemas broadcasts operas directly from New York, and the cinemas regularly hosts other special events.


​CJ 4DPLEX is the world’s leading 4D cinema company. The company finished 2017 with record gross box office and attendance for 4DX, the fastest-growing premium cinema format. A sizable portion of this year’s expansion came from Europe, including the first 4DX locations in France and Norway.

“We are extremely pleased to be in partnership with excellent exhibitor Nordisk as 4DX continues to expand its footprints deeper into Northern Europe,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX.