Report: Regal Avenues Stadium 20 plans to convert theater into 4DX
By Karen Brune Mathis, Jax Daily record, BRIAN LOWRY, CNN
Posted: 9:19 AM, April 10, 2018

(CNN) - Jacksonville could soon be getting its first 4DX theater experience, according to a report from the Jax Daily Record.

Regal Cinemas has plans to convert a theater at the Regal Avenues Stadium 20 to a 4DX experience, which features specialized seats that add synchronized motion, vibrations and environmental effects -- sprinkles of rain, flashes of light, strange smells -- to major films.

Regal currently has six theaters with a 4DX theater, including two in New York and one each in Los Angles, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Orlando.

​The primary audience for 4DX tends to be under 35. Not surprisingly, movies heavy on action tend to work best, with the latest "Fast & Furious" sequel, " The Fate of the Furious," ranking as 2017's most-seen title in the format. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" holds the record at 1.8 million admissions.
Seeing a movie in 4DX carries a $6 to $8 surcharge. The Regal website also includes a list of safety guidelines, like not eating or drinking during intense action scenes and not wearing “delicate clothing” that might be ruined by the special effects. Although 4DX has been around since 2009 and continues to add new theaters, the technology is typically added by editors after the fact, as opposed to being conceived while the movie's made.


"We want to be able to work with directors more," said Daniel Yi, art director at i-Studio Los Angeles for CJ 4DPLEX Americas, which is headquartered in Seoul.

Some filmmakers have embraced the process, but much of the work is done in consultation with studio and postproduction personnel. A team of editors usually works on a movie for one to two weeks, meaning time is invariably an issue.