The best way to fully appreciate these new cinema advancements is to experience them for yourself. Luckily, Buena Park CGV has a number of special offers to celebrate the opening of their new theater. For a limited time, you can see select films in ScreenX for just $6. And the theater is also hosting free prize giveaways in the lobby, which is similarly forward-thinking in its selection of concessions, such as high-end popcorn and a full bar.

​As technology continues to revolutionize all facets of modern life, even an old-fashioned trip to the movies is undergoing a state-of-the-art makeover. The brand new CGV Buena Park cultureplex offers moviegoers a one-of-a-kind experience as the first CGV cinema in the U.S. with both 4DX and ScreenX auditoriums.


4DX and ScreenX film technology comes to Orange County at CGV Buena Park

By: Mark Schiff  AXS Contributor Feb 9, 2017

Countless movie buffs in Southern California have experienced 4DX at Regal L.A. Live and the new location at CGV Buena Park will bring the immersive theater technology to a whole new market. 4DX combines motion chairs with a wide variety of in-theater effects and cutting edge sound and projection technology for a wholly transportive and unforgettable movie experience. ScreenX is a similarly revolutionary advancement for moviegoers, as a patented multi-projection system displays the film not only on the screen but along the walls of the theater as well. The image captures the full breadth of your vision, creating a sensation of depth even without the use of 3D glasses.