By the time the movie ended mostly everyone's reaction will be how they enjoyed the experience. 

For me, I enjoyed it and I am sure to come back for another experience in the future.

​by Victor Phillip Ortiz

Since the film I was watching was an action movie,        I can be sure to experience the most out of the 4DX experience.  Sure enough, there were lots of vibrations and sudden motions in that seat that made me kind of dizzy.  It didn't last long so thankfully I was quick to recover.  The best parts were when there were scenes when it was raining, and suddenly we were sprayed with water, and even in subtle moments you can feel the seats moving.  I was also surprised at the way they utilized the technology not just for action scenes, but also for the quiet scenes as well.  Take note for example a scene when the character walks into the forest - suddenly you realize you're smelling something.  Something that smells like trees.  A nice touch I must say.  I was holding some food at the time and if you're not careful, you might end up spilling your food, so be careful.

So I finally had the privilege of experiencing 4DX for myself.  I tried the 4DX cinema in Deira City Centre.  I watched the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.  Walking into the theatre (they've transformed cinema 10 into the 4DX theatre), you are greeted with a huge 4DX logo by the door, and once you enter a large screen backlit in blue hues with the 4DX logos on both sides, somehow you know this won't be a normal movie experience.  Seats are numbered just like a normal movie theatre, but one thing you will notice is that the chairs are somehow raised, probably to give room to the hydraulics that would drive the motion in the seats.  The seats are all marked with the 4Dx brand, are quite comfortable to sit in. 

I remember the time when I used to watch a movie in one of the old cinemas we had back home: sitting on hard wooden chairs, hearing the noisy hum of the projector and simply seeing the film in the 'stereo sound' format.  Recent advancements in technology now allow movie-goers to experience another 'dimension' to the films they are watching.  3D is one of them, letting you enjoy movies that literally pop out of the screens.  The last month saw the release of a '4DX' branded cinema in UAE - under exclusive license on VOX Cinemas. 

4DX is a movie experience that adds another dimension to the movie you are watching.  Physical effects such as wind, smoke, light, water and even scent accompanies the movie you are watching, and add to that the vibrating and motion seats and you are in for one hell of a ride - literally.