Our EPE Team Partners are delighted to be setting the stage, and utilizing our expertise to educate interested investors, money managers, financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and private equity groups, on why investing in a Media and Entertainment Business, is really an investment into a Manufacturing and Distribution Business.  Media and Entertainment are the number one exports of the United States, have a proven track record, and can offer potential investors in the United States, and globally, a 100% transparent and risk-minimized option.

EPE Partners' Film Library is a collection of films owned by our Company.  This can be films that EPE Partners produces, or that our Company acquires and owns the rights to in perpetuity.  Our Film Library is an extremely valuable asset.  It can simply increase our Company's value at the time of sale, or it could be used for collateral for financing.  Each film in our Library can be sold over and over again upon the expiration of licensing agreements.  One can see why our Film Library is of such value.

At the most fundamental level, EPE Partners is committed to managing our organization's assets, liabilities, revenues, profitability and cash flow.  Our Asset Management Team goes a step further in ensuring that our organization remains on track to attain our short-term and long-term goals, while maximizing value for our Shareholders.

EPE Partners is managing our organization's financial resources so as to achieve our business objectives and maximize our Company's value.  Strategic Financial Management involves a defined sequence of steps that encompasses the full range of our Company's finances, from setting out objectives and identifying resources, analyzing data and making financial decisions, to tracking the variance between actual and budgeted results and identifying the reason for this variance.  The term "strategic" means that this approach to financial management has a long-term horizon.

Today more and more Media and Entertainment companies are entering the stock market.  Once part of the stock market, these companies have access to large sums of money that can come from an Initial Public Offering.  When a company becomes publicly-traded, the opportunity for original shareholders becomes even more lucrative.

EPE Partners will build profits from Asset Allocation Strategies established to increase Cash Flow, while Building Long-term Wealth.

Our EPE Partners team of Professionals have collectively and/or individually worked on Numerous Projects,     and share the Experience, Expertise and Ambition necessary to achieve Unlimited Success.

EPE Partners Wealth-Building Strategies

Below are some of the Projects that our EPE Team Partners

             have worked on collectively and/or individually..

Our EPE Partners have successfully developed our Company's credibility and reputation by Showcasing our Innovative Technologies, Potential for Rapid Growth, Well-developed Business Model, Impressive Management Team, and Massive Diversification.

Welcome to EPE Partners: Our EPE Team Partners have worked individually and/or collectively on the following Projects.. EPE4DX * Webvvision Global Business and Internet Solutions * Webvvision Streaming * Webvvision Gaming * Webvvision VR * Mad Monster Party Remake * Sadako and the Magic of Paper Cranes * Spin Cycle * World Cagefighting Championships * Masked Mutilator * Machete * Run * Bernie * Mystery, Alaska * Resurrection * Her Husband’s Betrayal * The Christmas Consultant * Wicked Little Things * Direct Contact * Detention * Running the Sahara * The Russian Specialist * Gideon * Spin Cycle * Thunder Alley * Valentine’s Day * The Lady in Number 6 * Voices from a Locked Room * Keeping up with the Steins * Prisoner of Paradise * The Princess Diaries * Blonde Ambition * Chasen Holden * The Oddest Couple Ever * Duece Bigolow: Male Gigolo * The Quest * Return to Nuke’Em High * Without a Paddle * Where’s Angelo? * Numb * Mick * The Muppets * The Gift * Contact EPE Partners: United States +1.888 837 3247 - United Kingdom +44 20 7072 8839 - Brazil +55 21 2042 4027 - Japan +81 3 4570 8280 - Australia +61 2 8324 6511 - EPE247: Stay Safe and God Bless....