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In part, because their technology travels and provides nearly ubiquitous connectivity, social networks and social media are also a bigger part of omnivores’ lives, across generations. They tend to rely on social media for information and update social profiles more often than non-omnivores.

In fact, most omnivores check their social profiles at least daily, with many younger omnivores checking multiple times a day. Social networks also have a greater influence on how they feel about a brand or a product, more-so than the company’s website or advertisements. A company’s social media persona can have a dramatic effect on the individual’s relationship to a brand or a company.

For one, digital omnivores have a voracious appetite for content – they stream movies and play games more often than non-omnivores. Across their multiple devices, they are developing their own unique patterns of use and preference for viewing and interacting with content.

For some, “TV-viewing” occurs on-the-go, streaming on the small screen in the palm of the hand. For others, the smartphone is only for tasks and internet activities, while the tablet is reserved for entertainment, and real work happens on the laptop. Many shift their consumption fluidly across these environments, relying on the cloud and broadband to make their content available wherever they may roam.

While the tablet was once considered a potential replacement for the laptop, the increase in tablets hasn’t been a laptop killer. Instead, at least so far, it has been more of a complimentary device. Digital omnivores are using a combination of the three devices for individual and distinct purposes, and we think this trend will transcend personal use and become prevalent in the enterprise, too.

Who are the digital omnivores? While they skew younger, this population truly spans generations. In fact, it was Gen X’ers (aged 31 to 47), not the Millennials (aged 14 to 30), who were among the first to adopt tablets. Digital omnivores are defined by their use of devices and attitude toward technology, rather than age. Not only do they own more devices, they do more with those devices.

The Era of the (Digital) Omnivore is Upon Us